Maca Powder. Maca is a Peruvian vegetable root grown high in the Andes, gathered by hand and dehydrated.
Maca is traditionally used to increase stamina and endurance and is also known to overcome fatigue.
Also aids in improving sexual function in both men and women.
Maca allows us to embrace life to the full extent.
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Tribulus Terrestris (12,000mg Caps), is a herb that has been used to improve stamina and endurance.
Tribulus may be used to maintain peak performance effort during periods of increased activity or in a busy lifestyle when the diet is inadequate.
Tribulus may also aid in the maintenance of well being and support normal male physiology and masculine needs.
Tribulus may also assist in the balancing of hormones in women.
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REV Plus is a highly nutritrous, liquid food designed to deliver an instant energy boost. It contains green barley, wheat grass, alfalfa, live lactobacillus complex and natural live enzymes. These ingredients combine to supply the body with amino acids (including all essential aminos), vitamins, minerals, enzymes and cholorphyll. 'Green Foods' are the most potent nutrient source available, and enhanced with a powerful wide spectrum lactobacillus complex, delivery of these nutrients is instant. The result of this combination is a pre-digested, enhanced vitamin content and highly active friendly flora.

REV Plus is a refreshing drink mixed with water. NEW FORMULA AND SIZE

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ENER-G-FOOD (Powder or Capsules) is a highly nutritious combination of green barley, alfalfa powder, chlorella, spirulina, biodynamic rice, kelp and lactobacillus culture mixed with a little apple powder. Each ingredient is extraordinarily high in nutritional value and in combination the beneficial effect is immense. The lactobacilli are enhanced by the green foods and vice versa, the essence of which is the immediate delivery of organic and active nutrients of the highest quality to every aspect of the bodily system.
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200gm $39.95(GST Free) Our Price $30.00                 1Kg $129.95  (GST Free) Our Price $105.00               Also in 200 Vege Caps $48.95 inc. GST  Our Price $33.00
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Wild plum leaves and fruit have been traditionally consumed to maintain stamina and endurance, therefore Jumba-Jara Wild Plum Extract is especially beneficial for sports people and others with an active lifestyle. Jumba-Jara contains high levels of magnesium, potassium and iodine and is a unique food supplement suitable for all ages.


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MSM is found throughout our body but supplementation is often needed. MSM occurs naturally in broccoli and other vegetables and is an important food supplement. This biological sulphur compound can be destroyed during cooking and processing of foods, making supplementation of our diet essential. MSM is an odourless, white, crystalline powder which mixes easily in juices or water.


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MyoPlus contains a unique blend of magnesium, taurine and B complex vitamins in a delicious water dispersible powder.

MyoPlus may be used for the relief of muscular aches and pains, excellent for that after training relax period.

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