High Protein Formula. This is a protein formula blend designed to trim and firm the body. A blend of ion exchange whey protein isolate and dispersible calcium caseinate. Which supports the building of muscle tissue, resulting in the reduction of excess fat.
A delicious vanilla flavoured drink when blended with purified water or milk or added to your favourite smoothie.
High Protein Formula is only sweetened with Stevia, a beneficial herb.
Ultimate Protein Powder is Certified Organic and Bio fermented whole grain brown rice protein powder which has 98.2% assimilation. No protein powder can match this bio availability and digestibility.
100% raw means the highly digestible protein content is intact and not denatured or destroyed in any way.
80% protein with a perfectly balanced amino acid profile and over 27g of protein per serve.
98% correlation to mothers milk 96% correlation with whey.
Available in Vanilla and Chocolate Flavours.    Suitable for Vegans
Wonder Whey Powder is a special blend of natural ingredients to provide balance in your diet. Ideal for all ages, it is of particular benefit to the very young, the aged or those who require a food that is very easy to digest, with most of the lactose and other irritants removed.
A semi pre-digested food, only the concentrated solids (protein) are retained and the animal fat is removed by osmosis. The result is 16% dry weight protein, mainly in the form of lactaolbumin (found in mothers milk and goats milk) with all the essential amino acids.
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500gm RRP $45.95 Our Price $35.20                              1kg RRP $79.95 Our Price $61.60
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 1kg   RRP $21.95 (GST Free) Our Price $18.00                                 3kg  RRP $49.95 (GST Free) Our Price $42.00

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