Living Food Enzymes contains two major digestive enzymes, bromelain and papain plus other fruit source enzymes. This unique formulation combines the essential nutrients that promote enzyme production, making it an excellent food supplement. Food enzymes play a necessary role in digestion. The consumption of processed foods depletes digestive enzymes, which are normally obtained from food sources.
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Bioactive Fibre Formula is a unique blend of soluble and insoluble fibres, herbs, slippery elm powder, cranberry, kiwi fruit, apple. Paw paw and pineapple powders, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes -bromelain and papain, mucopolysaccharides and lactobacilli.
Bioactive Fibre Formula, containing beneficial bacteria and other important nutrients is a ‘must’ for the promotion of healthy intestinal function, including elimination.
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180 Vege Caps RRP $45.95  Our Price $35.20
Microfood. Lactobacillus is the family of Friendly bacteria (flora), which are often depleted due to modern living and poor diet. Microfood is a live, non dairy source of lactobacilli (acidophilus, bifidus and numerous other friendly bacteria), useful for replacing and enhancing the friendly floral colony in the intestine. Cultured on an organic medium, including organic barley and green barley powder, this is a highly stable product which can be activated by fermenting with fructose or sugar and warm water for bread making.
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