The Ultimate in Relaxation Therapy.

Polarity is a non-invasive therapy that encompasses the whole body, mind and spirit. Engaging Reflexology, Acupressure Points along with more traditional energy moving therapies and works with all imbalances in the structure and musculature of the body, all the internal organ systems and the nervous system. It is both deeply relaxing and very energizing.

Developed by Dr Randolph Stone, (D.O. D.C.). Dr Stone was born in Austria in 1890 and emigrated to the Unites States in 1903. He lived to be 91 years of age and was living proof of his health ideas, actively travelling and teaching into his old age with energy, inspiration and enthusiasm. He studied every major natural healing art, earning Doctors Degrees in Osteopathy, Chiropractic and Naturopathy. He practised for over 60 years, all the while experimenting with many diets, exercise programs and therapeutic methods in a constant search for the most effective ways of achieving and maintaining health.

Dr Stone said “Man has a wireless energy arrangement similar to that of the atom and the universe... As science is demonstrating the lines of force in the atom, I am endeavouring to demonstrate the same visible lines of force in the human body, which are its very constitution and state of being, known as ‘health’.” He also spoke of the shorts and energy circuits in the body needing to be found and re-established as definitely as the short circuits in the lighting of a house. “ A good electrician knows where to look for short circuits in a house and what to do about them. So also should a good practitioner know the wireless anatomy of the human body that is none other than its energy circuits.”

Dr Stone would often emphatically state, “It is the life currents that we are trying to influence” and he saw many wonderful responses occur in the body through working with the wireless vital energy currents. In his words, “It is truly amazing what relief can be obtained by releasing energy currents, which have been totally overlooked by material science.”

As a complete holistic system of health care, aimed at balancing and healing all dimensions of the individual. Polarity Therapy uses four aspects. The energy based body work focuses on using two hands as magnets, with their positive and negative poles, to promote energy flow throughout the body and very different types of touch and pressure are used from very light, to stimulating, to very deep.
The three other aspects of Polarity Therapy are - Polarity Therapy Yoga, Polarity Therapy Diet and Nutrition and taking into account of the mental and emotional dimensions of the being and on stimulating and moving the vital life force through the body, so balancing and healing the physical dimension and promoting in this way vibrant health and well being.

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