Mentone is a herbal and mineral tonic designed to help make life more comfortable for men. With its unique blend of herbs and zinc.
Mentone balances and supports a healthy male physiology and function.
Mentone also functions as a liver tonic, assists in the treatment of fluid retention and the maintenance or improvement of genital well being
Femhelp contains a blend of herbs. Vitamins and minerals that promote and maintain a healthy menstrual cycle and ease the symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome.
Femhelp also assists in the improvement and maintenance of general well being in women.
Natural Balance Formula contains a blend of herbs, vitamins and minerals that is designed to ease the symptoms which women commonly experience whilst going through the transition to menopause. Natural Balance Formula may also be used to relieve pre-menstrual symptoms in mature women and to aid in the improvement and maintenance of general well being.

This formula contains Black Cohosh which may harm the liver in some individuals, therefore this product should be used under the supervision of a health practitioner.
Tribulus Terrestris (12,000mg Caps), is a herb that has been used to improve stamina and endurance.
Tribulus may be used to maintain peak performance effort during periods of increased activity or in a busy lifestyle when the diet is inadequate.
Tribulus may also aid in the maintenance of well being and support normal male physiology and masculine needs.
Tribulus may also assist in the balancing of hormones in women.
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Maca Powder. Maca is a Peruvian vegetable root grown high in the Andes, gathered by hand and dehydrated.
Maca is traditionally used to increase stamina and endurance and is also known to overcome fatigue.
Also aids in improving sexual function in both men and women.
Maca allows us to embrace life to the full extent.
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Myoplus contains a unique blend of Magnesium, taurine and
B complex vitamins in a delicious water dispersible powder.
Myoplus may be used for the relief of  muscular aches and pains, especially those due to fibrositis.
Myoplus may also be used to relieve the the symptoms of
pre-menstrual syndrome.
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