Green Barley Plus has been prepared by blending organically grown Green Barley Powder with organically grown whole rice and kelp from unpolluted waters.
Biodynamic rice has been added to give a wider spectrum of nutritional elements.
Growing rice by bio-organic methods enhances the life force, thus making a more vital product, containing the full B spectrum and also the supporting B substances, which are normally destroyed by heat.To complete the spectrum, a small amount of mild tasting kelp has been added. Our kelp is washed in fresh water before drying as this removes the strong odour and taste but retains the valuable properties of this wonderful sea plant.
ENER-G-FOOD (Powder or Capsules) is a highly nutritious combination of green barley, alfalfa powder, chlorella, spirulina, biodynamic rice, kelp and lactobacillus culture mixed with a little apple powder. Each ingredient is extraordinarily high in nutritional value and in combination the beneficial effect is immense. The lactobacilli are enhanced by the green foods and vice versa, the essence of which is the immediate delivery of organic and active nutrients of the highest quality to every aspect of the bodily system.
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Wheat Grass, a rich, emerald green powder with a fresh and naturally sweet undertone. Research has found that 7Kg of Wheat grass is equivalent to 160Kg of ordinary green vegetables. Wheat grass gained popularity in the 1960's and is valued in many nutritional programs.
Minimum processing at low temperatures immediately after harvest ensures that all of the elements are retained. No Preservatives additives, yeast, wheat or sugar added.
New Zealand Green Barley, basically has the same nutritional benefits as Australian Green Barley, however, it is a deep green colour and is rich in chlorophyll and flavour.
This product is grown in volcanic soils in New Zealand, without the use of chemicals or artificial fertilizers.
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Moringa Oleifera Powder - 100% Natural, 100% Organic.

17 x more Calcium than Milk. 15 x the Potassium of a Banana. 4 x the Vitamin C of a Carrot and 25 x more Iron than Spinach. Moringa Oleifera has an impressive range of medicinal uses with high nutritional value containing a broad spectrum of minerals and a good source of fibre, protein, vitamins, beta carotine, amino acids and various phenolics. Originating in South Asia, Moringa Olifeira is truly a powerful and nutritional food supplement.
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Green Barley is a valuable food providing essential elements, chlorophyll and enzymes required by the body. It is produced from young barley shoots organically grown in rich Mallee soils in Australia. These tender shoots are harvested at a height of 20cm, when they have reached their nutritional peak. At this stage of growth they contain a prolific blend of natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids so necessary for normal functioning of the body. They are then processed slowly, drying at body temperature and milled into a fine soluble power, thereby retaining the valuable properties.
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Alfalfa is a perennial herb with a deep rooting system capable of extending twenty feet or more into sub-soils. Due to this herbs ability to tap into minerals often unavailable to other plants, the mineral content is of exceptional value.
Alfalfa has been characterized as 'the Big Daddy of 'em all' by some herbalists due to its high nutritional content. The ash of the leaves is almost 99% pure calcium. Its 18.9%average protein content is higher than beef and comparable with soy beans.
Alfalfa contains Vitamins A, E, K, B and D. It is high in Protein and contains Phosphorus, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium and other trace elements. Alfalfa also contains eight enzymes known to promote conditions which assist with food to be assimilated within the body.
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